Get Ready to Sweat, Strengthen & Stretch your Body

Let Sophie gently guide you through a 60 mins flowing yoga practice which is based on the teachings of Baron Baptiste. The set series includes postures held in your own true north alignment and also offers smooth transitions between postures using breath-based movement. Expect to sweat and build strength in the mind and the body, and sweat, all while having fun and empowering you to access your greatest self.
ALL LEVELS WELCOME. We want the pose to fit your body and not for you to fit pose. Modifications/Challenges will be offered, so you can work at your own ability level.


DAY: Tuesdays
TIME: 9am-10am
COST: $20 Per Person ($15 for First Trial)
LOCATION: 50-54 Newton Road, Newton Gems (Function Room) Singapore 307993
WHAT TO BRING: Yoga Mat, Water and Towel
WHAT TO WEAR: Comfortable, stretchy clothing

– Kindly bring exact cash to class. (No $50 & $100 note please)
– Come 10-15 mins earlier to complete registration, set up mat etc
– Class size is limited to 8-10, thus advanced reservations are neccessary. Please Email to book your mat space.

How is the lesson conducted?

This will be a 60 mins empowering Baptiste-Inspired yoga class practised using natural heat of around 26-32. (In Singapore the outside temperature generates enough heat to safely practice.)
We will follow a set sequence but the flow will be differentdepending on the intention of the class, the level of the students and how your body feels on that day.



With a strong emphasis on breath and modern alignment cues, it will be challenging no matter where you are at in yoga journey. Be prepared to shine BRIGHT and sweat it off!

Visit my Baptiste Yoga Singapore page to find more about this beautiful practice.


Where are you exactly?
Newton Gems is a private condominium with 2 blocks and is located at 50-54 Newton Road. It’s a 6 mins walk from Novena MRT and 9 mins from Newton MRT. The room is located a the centre of the condo complex, in front of the swimming pool.




Are they any shower facilities?
Yes there is! Please bring your own towel or toiletries!




Is Parking Available?
Yes, it’s basement carparking!
How do I make payment?
Payment is in cash, directly to the teacher before class starts. Please come 10-15 mins earlier to facilitate payment/ registration/mat set-up.



Do you accept credit cards or nets?
Sorry, currently I can only accept cash.
Do I need to reserve or simply do a walk in?
We highly recommend reserving your mats, as class size is limited to not more than 8-10 mats.
Please email to reserve your space.
How do I book a class?
Please email to reserve your space.




Why do I have to book a mat and how do I do it?
This to ensure that you have a spot reserved for you due to the small class size. Please email to reserve your space.



Why is the class size small?
For practical reasons, the function room is not able to take more than that.
For students’ benefit, a small class will also ensure personalised attention from the teacher.
When do I need to arrive for class?
Make sure you arrive at least ten to fifteen minutes early to make payment/do registration, change, unwind, and settle into the room so you’re ready when we begin class.
Where do I get yoga mats?
I’ve written a post to help you find your perfect mat whatever your budget or your needs are. To read it, please click here.
I’m REALLY new to yoga. Is this class suitable for me?
This class is multilevel. I will offer modifications/challenges depending on the level of students in the class.
I am not flexible. Can I do yoga?
Definitely. Yoga is for everyone, flexible or not, old or young, female or male. Yoga is not about flexibility, but is a practice of being a yes to come as you are, and celebrating the uniqueness of your body and your mind. We will learn to modify/adjust accordingly to get the poses to fit your body rather than the other way round. With consistent practice, you will get stronger and more flexible.
I have an injury/issue with my body. Can I do yoga?
It depends. Firstly, you need to ensure that you have your doctor’s permission to exercise. Secondly we will need to see the extent of your injury/issue, and I would highly recommend a couple of private sessions, so that we can explore your movements and learn suitable modifications so you can still follow with ease in a group class setting. Otherwise, just come as you are, and don’t forget to let me know before class starts, so I can guide you accordingly. Email me at if you have any further questions.
Can i practice if I am pregnant?
The postures practiced during pregnancy are dependent upon each mother’s levels of fitness, health and state of pregnancy. To determine the suitability of practicing pre-natal yoga, it is advisable to consult your own Gynaecologist. Would also recommend a couple of private sessions, so that we can explore your movements and learn suitable modifications so you can practice according to how your body feels in each class. Email me at for further enquiries.
Cancellation Policy
At least 24 hours, to be fair to the other students who may want to get a mat but isnt able to, due to the limited mat space.