Have attended her powerflow classes twice now and I go from “damn it why did I choose this class” to “I am glad I did and am proud of myself!” Sophie works the mind as she tortures, err challenges the body.
Oh, that’s just a story I told myself😂😂😂 | 24.07.2017

Dardanelleis (Doli) Labrador Balisi-Lizaso

mum of five, teacher to many; loves books & sunrises, Art & the human form, a good drink & meal

I am a newbie in yoga and I thought yoga is all about flexibility. However, I realised that there are cheat sheets in yoga and that makes me feel better. I love how Sophie subtly pushed us to try and stay in certain position without being too demanding.

Siti Nur Ida Md Ali

Education Executive, Mendaki

This was my first time doing yoga and Sophie made me love it!!! There was one class which was handled by another teacher. I didnt feel connected to her, as how I connected with Sophie. Sophie is just too bright and cheerful and full of encouragement!

Suerya Sapuan, Executive

Executive, Mendaki

Thank you Sophie Kassim for your kind thoughts, great energy and simply being a wonderful instructor! An hour with you and the class leaves me feeling great and positive.

Fit Abdullah

Graphic Designer

I like Pilates because of YOU, Sophie. In my opinion, the instructor makes a lot of difference. You will either love Pilates or hate it. I used to hate Pilates…because it hurts me every time I go for classes (of course, I went to different instructors..) But now, I will tell everyone who is struggling like me to join Pilates with Sophie!! Your technical know-hows/knowledge, your passion, your commitment to each student make you a very unique and special instructor. Thank you for helping me this far. If time permits, I will continue doing Pilates classes with you. I’m so glad I found u as my Pilates instructor…if not I would hate Pilates for the rest of my life!!

Uthumporn Charoenkasemsook

Mother of 4

Sophie’s an amazing instructor. Enjoyed the entire class! She should teach this class permanently.

Rozana Arif

Sophie is good in giving instructions especially on muscle engagement, which I benefit a lot from her on my first (May) pilates class.

Sophia Tan Anderson