What is Baptiste Yoga Singapore?

It is a community that supports and create the possibilities and growth where it doesn’t yet exist – a burgeoning and vibrant community of Baptiste Yoga Practitioners in Singapore.

It’s a place where we connect, share engaging content relating to Baptiste Yoga, and learn from each other.

The best part is that you don’t have to be a teacher to be part of this community, nor do you need to live in Singapore as long as you are inspired by methodology of Baptiste Yoga.

Monday Mastery Sessions - A Community Initiative
The MASTERY SESSION is a 90 mins Baptiste Yoga Singapore community self-practice, guided by the Practices of Baptiste Yoga:

It is a time for us to come together, to practice energetically as a group, to get connected, learn more about each other and ourselves, to support growth and be a YES for the Practice.

The session is open to any level yoga practitioners with a minimum knowledge of Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar). For those unfamiliar with the Journey into Power (JIP) sequence, cue cards will be provided.
DATE: Every 2nd Monday of the Month
TIME: 1030am to 12pm
VENUE: Lululemon Duxton
** To get updated find out when’s our next meeting, follow our Facebook Group .
  • Towel
  • Bottled water
  • Journal and pen
  • An open mind and a willing spirit
  1. A “Lead” will be appointed prior to the practice, and his/her role is to make sure we are moving in a timely manner; he/she will set the pace for the practice, lead the meditation and inquiry
  2. We want to make the practice as organic as we can. We will move and breathe as one community and yet be individual on our mats. We will provide cue cards for those who are not familiar with the JIP sequence and/or the Leader will call out the pose as we move.
  3. Meditation can be a silent meditation, or we can listen to a pre-selected podcast or meditation app.
  4. Inquiry invites curiosity and gives us a chance to get in tune with our mind. 1-2 questions will be given for you to journal , and reflect. Journalling is an important tool for empowerment and growth, expressing gratitude and finding love for oneself .
  5. You will come, dressed in your yoga gear, ready for hugs, fun and laughter.


What is Baptiste Yoga?

Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga or Baptiste Yoga is a style of power yoga developed by Baron Baptiste, an American, who inherited his love for yoga from his parents (who opened San Francisco’s first yoga center in 1955).

It is an empowering yoga practice where asanas, meditation and self-inquiry are used to encourage the students to realise their full potential by discovering their passions, igniting creativity, creating authenticity in developing the confidence to step into new and big possibilities in their lives.

The clear language and modern alignment techniques makes Baptiste Yoga accessible to everyone regardless of fitness level, age, experience or background.

What to expect in a Baptiste-Inspired Flow / Baptiste Power Vinyasa / Power Flow Class?

A class can be, 60, 75 or 90 minutes long and is practiced in a heated room to 30-32degrees Celcius. We are lucky to be living in Singapore because there is natural heat but sometimes the practice can be held in an aircon studio, of which we would then need to focus on using more ujjayi breath to warm our bodies up.

You can expect downward dogs and sun salutations as Baptiste Yoga has its roots in traditional Hatha teachings, with elements of Ashtanga, Bikram and Iyengar. The structure of each class follows a set sequence as prescribed in Baron’s book, “Journey into Power”, but the flow will be different depending on the teacher, who may modify their classes depending on the needs of a specific group of students.

We are encouraged to use our own intuition to move our body and at the same time, challenge ourselves to explore the possibilities within our physical bodies. With self-awareness being the ultimate goal, we want to be able to create freedom in our movement, calmness in the mind, and the ability to be curious about the emotional and physical challenges that arises on and off the mat.

To know more about Baptiste Yoga, visit their website at www.baptisteyoga.com 

To find a Baptiste / Inspired class in Singapore , join our Facebook group, Baptiste Yoga Singapore.

If you are prefer to practice at home, you can download podcasts , you can try this series by Dave Farmar on Itunes; or if you prefer to have a visual, a quick search on youtube produce these goodies !

My Baptiste Yoga Story

2017 is the year where we start the Baptiste Yoga Singapore Revolution! I am very excited to be part of this potentially potent community to share my love for the style of yoga that transformed me and inspired me to become a yoga teacher

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