I have a confession to make!

I am NOT a Yogi. I don’t yoga everyday. I have not been to India; I’m not vegetarian and I am not very flexible. I’m the girl who still looks around in class sometimes, wondering if I’m doing it right. I still can’t touch my toes without bending my knees. I can’t do a handstand (yet) and my crow is still in flying school. I hate knees-chest-chin because it hurts my neck. I don’t have a six-pack even though I practice pilates because I love my food. I have hangups about my body. I am afraid of frogs, and snakes and fishes. I am afraid of getting things wrong. I’m not spiritual at all!

BUT I chant OM . I meditate occasionally. Oh, I love to dance. I love making people laugh. I love to sleep a lot. I love my nespresso machine. I love to help other people shine even if I’m standing in the shadows.

I like to be appreciated for what I’ve done and I’m learning to take feedback or critics without being up on arms about it. I love spending time with my family and my friends. I’m a secret homebody (yes I love staying at home) and I love to smile!

Let me ask you something – do you show up to class feeling like…

  • you don’t belong
  • everybody is so much more advanced, flexible or stronger than you
  • you try to be wonder woman on the outside but you feel chicken shit on the inside

I didn’t have a typical yoga experience where *poof* I fell in love straightaway.

I was that girl who used to take that mat in the corner, in the last row, feeling scared before the class, refusing to make eye contact; and I kept looking around during class, wondering if I am doing the right thing PLUS I was worried about what other people may think of me.

It doesn’t help that I also felt frustrated after every class;

> my wrist hurts
> my heels are not touching the ground in my downward dog
> kept falling over in my balancing poses
> I don’t understand what the teacher is saying

etc I could go on.

Physically, I loved that I sweated buckets and my body aches in the right places but mentally I wasn’t feeling it. My body wasn’t feeling it.

Is this all there is to yoga? When is it going to be easy? Why don’t I look like everyone else? Why am I not flexible? What’s wrong with my body?

It’s not about making your body fit the practice but making the practice fit you.

I do understand your inner struggle to fit in or rather your body in the weird poses and to find time to do yoga or workout (and take care of your home and family at the same time). Yet you show up every single time on your mat – ready to tackle whatever is in front of you.

It’s a matter of finding pockets of joyfulness in every single thing that you do. And embracing the uniqueness of your life, body and your movement.

Don’t get me wrong!

I’m not here to tell you what to do. I’m here to guide you and allow you discover for yourself how to come from a relaxed space and make conscious effort to get into where you want to be.

Real strength comes from within. You know what to do – its just re-learning how to tap into your inner self to be your own YOU.

In fact, I don’t have all the answers, in fact I have no idea where I am going. But all I know is that I want to help as many people as I can and inspire you to move as you are, even if you do not have the perfect pose or body, even if you are not flexible or strong yet.

You are here! That’s the main thing!

You have the courage to be amazing! What is courage but just the ability to face fears with an open heart. And you ARE amazing wherever you are at in your journey of yoga, dance or pilates.

You have the courage to be in the right place with me.