Let me help you move the way your body is supposed to move.

How to Create Authentic Connections?

Back in September 2017, I attended a workshop ‘Unleash your Power from Within’, which was a teaser for Tony Robbin's main event next year in Feb 1-4, 2018. I got strongly present to my filters in that one workshop. What do I mean by...


Its not all about me! Its about you too. Be honest! Get authentic! Find Balance! Be fearless! Find joy! BE You!


Yoga is the tool I use to create a mindful life. Pilates strengthens me from within. And Dancing makes my soul sing! Let your body move you the way it knows how. You don’t need to be flexible to do yoga – you just have to come as you are with an open heart.


Get to know more about Baptiste Yoga and be part of this up-and-coming Singapore Yoga Community!
Be a Yes! Give up what you Must! You are ready Now!


There’s more to life than Yoga! I want to be known as yoga teacher who is not a yogi, but enjoys practising yoga and meditation when I can, and be a Yes to exploring other forms of mindful movement and creating moments of joyfulness.

Thank you Sophie Kassim for your kind thoughts, great energy and simply being a wonderful instructor! An hour with you and the class leaves me feeling great and positive.

Fit Abdullah

Graphic Designer


I am a Teacher of Movement, grounded by the Practices of BAPTISTE YOGA, empowered by my STOTTS MAT PILATES training and inspired by the Freedom of EXOTIC DANCE. I am passionate about guiding non-yogis in embracing the one and only body they live in. But what I really do is give them space to create their own pockets of joyfulness in their lives by moving their way, according to how they feel in their body today.